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Sketches Galore

My name's Madi. I'm 19 and I draw things. Mostly silly things but things nonetheless.

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workin’ workin’ workin’

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I was testing out a new brush and made some more doodles of girls sitting and floating in midair because I don’t think things through

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doodle type thing for the heck of it

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Alright so about a year and a half ago I started drawing and designing my own Snow Queen project, but I had never actually read Snow Queen’s story or anything. My version of the story was actually just loosely based on a dream I had about an Ice Princess defying her mother and trying to free prisoners from the Snow Queen’s icicle minions. It wasn’t really a good story the way I had it and although it has a soft spot in my heart as well as these character designs do, I’m not continuing it. Instead I was thinking of focusing on more of Ash’s Inuit Snow Queen premise because it’s brilliant and is a lot more interesting of a story but I wanted to draw Queen Aerona and Princess Gwyneira again from the top of my head just cuz I haven’t for at least 6 months and they got farther along in development than any of my other original not-so-original ideas did

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I was testing out a different style using an old character of mine about a girl who finds this portal in her closet that leads her to a different world where animals rule and she gets experimented on and junk and blah blah blah no one cares and I failed at using a limited color palette

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I need to expand on this someday.

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another little kid design based on my little niece <33

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I was trying to draw some little kid designs today and ended up just drawing this little one over and over.

Now I just need a good story for this cutie.

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I tried and now I’m off to bed good night

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I Didn’t Mean To Ship It: the story of my life” written and illustrated by me